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Headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Quality First, Reputation First, Customer First, Quick Response.

This is our four business philosophy.

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HY PROTOTYPE is a fast moving and leading rapid prototyping, tooling and low-volume manufacturing company.

Whether you need a whole to meet its functions and functions, need to run in small batches for product performance testing and market-ing, or complete small batch production, we can provide solutions for you to meet your needs and do To low cost and fast delivery.

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It was established in 2006. The company is located in Bao'an District of Shenzhen,Which is very close to Shenzhen Bao'an International Air- port. The area of its factory is more than 2000 square meters.Based on company business philosophy,the customers are from both home and abroad.

Our Services:
1. Product structure designing;Plotting reverse engineering;Com- pletely understanding the requirements of clients about the quality of products after communication with clients.

2. CNC Rapid Prototype; SLA/SLS Laser Forming;3D Printing Rapid; Sheet Metal fabrication Prototype;Tooling; Batch Production.

Types Of Products:
1. Household appliance prototype;Communication Prototype;Automo- tive Prototype:Office Supplies Prototype;Medical Devices Proto- type;Digital Electronics Prototype and Metal Prototype.
2. Materials: ABS\POM\PC\PAG\PA66\PMMA\AL Alloy\Iron\Steel\Bake-lite\EVA rubber\ETC.

Meet our team

We have assembled a group of qualified managers and experi-enced technicians who have grown HY into one of the best rapid tooling experts in China

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James Eton

Project Manager
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Francisco Creppo

Project Manager
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Emily Anderson

Project Manager