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Shenzhen Huayu Precision is committed to manufacturing the best prototypes and products for customers. We are one-stop service production: from prototype to small batch manufacturing, from CNC/CNC sheet metal to rapid mold manufacturing. After more than ten years of development and technology accumulation, Huayu precision is a new star global rapid manufacturing company.
We create green ecological manufacturing and humanistic experience services. Please learn more about our specific services!
Welcome to contact us at any time, we will handle the experience service about production technology and cost for you free of charge.

Low-Volume Production
Rapid Prototyping

Small Batch Customized Processing Service

About small batch

In today's personalized consumption and market segmentation, in order to meet the needs of market development, small batch production can well meet the needs. Huayu Precision provides CNC machining, sheet metal stamping, rapid molds, vacuum complex molds, and 3D printing small batch production services. The materials include plastics, metal parts of various materials, and can quickly complete production and delivery.

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Small batch production

Our small batch production quantity can be completed from dozens to thousands of pieces. Small batch production is different from traditional mold-opening production. We will achieve the goal of completing production through other processes and technologies. If you only need a few products or prototypes, we recommend that you use rapid prototyping services. Our team has strict operating standards from the initial project evaluation and cost control, production process control to completion of production, and will maintain close cooperation with you at every step of the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. You can learn more about our work and technology, and we can provide suggestions for your project for free.

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Advantages of small batch processing

  • Can make up for the risk of large capital investment before mass production.
  • Diversified production materials and styles.
  • Customers can grasp the production details at any time, and understand the production progress at any time.
  • Some other features can be added to the parts in production, which are not restricted by the mold.
  • No minimum order quantity limit.
  • Flexible shipping method, shorten product delivery cycle.
  • Production quickly goes to market.

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Additional services

Whether it is pre-sale or after-sale, it is also intimate!

We treat our customers equally and will not change our attitudes for objective reasons. On the basis of achieving industry benchmarks, we have optimized many aspects of service content, such as express transportation, explosion-proof packaging, discounts, etc.

Before the sale, we have a dedicated technical team to provide product technical guidance services. In addition to the 5x24-hour dedicated response, after-sales, we also have technical staff to follow and guide.

If you still have concerns about us, you can communicate with us at any time, whether by phone or email. Of course, we also welcome friends who come to the field visit.