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Vacuum replication is a technique that uses silicone molds to replicate multiple prototype samples based on the original prototype sample.

Before vacuum casting, a prototype sample must be produced through CNC or 3D printing, and then a silicone mold is made from the prototype sample. The unique casting material is vacuum poured into the mold. When the casting material is cured, Completed the copy of another prototype, this whole process is called the vacuum complex model.

The materials that can be reproduced by vacuum casting include: Hard plastic ABS/PC/PP/PMMC/, etc., soft materials: rubber/silicone, transparent plastic materials, translucent plastic materials, plastic materials can also be copied together with the hardware.

Vacuum complex molding is an important manufacturing technology for fast prototypes. When your prototype is a plastic part and the number of production is 3-15, choosing vacuum complex molding is a cost-effective process.

What kind of prototype is suitable for the vacuum casting process:

1. Prototype samples of plastic materials are suitable.
2. Prototype samples combining hard plastic and soft plastic are suitable.
3. The number of plastic prototypes is about 3-15 pieces, which is also suitable for vacuum casting.
4. The assembly process that requires the metal parts to be wrapped with soft rubber or hard rubber is also suitable for vacuum casting.
5. Samples that need to be directly toned on the prototype without painting.
6. The assembly structure is complex, and an integrated prototype sample is required.

Advantages of vacuum casting:

Vacuum complex mold is the most ideal way of small batch rapid manufacturing:

1. No need to invest in high initial cost to make molds.
2. The degree of mold reproduction is high, and the surface details of the product are excellent. Only a small amount or no post-processing is required.
3. Many different molding polymer materials are available for selection, and the required colors can be blended according to requirements.
4. After the prototype is made, the mold can be completed within a few days.
5. Mould strength can meet 50 productions.
6. The encapsulation makes plastics of different materials and hardnesses integrally formed.

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