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Custom Processing Case of Motorcycle Front and Rear Wheels


According to your project needs, CNC service can solve various problems for you. If you would like to know more about technology and prototyping services, please call us. We are glad to provide you with professional and efficient service.

  • Material Used: Aluminum alloy 6061 T6
  • Number of Cooperation:3 sets total 6
  • Production Process Used:CNC turning, CNC milling, electrostatic spraying
  • Production Cycle:33 days

Project Details

About Product and Design Requirements

This product is used in the design of high-speed motorcycle racing wheels. It needs a higher speed than ordinary wheels. Therefore, the product has a very high dimensional accuracy. The error range is 0.008-0.01mm, and the roundness requirements are as high as 0.015mm. This part is in the processing process For any dimensional deviation and product deformation, it will bring serious deviation to future prototype testing.

Design Analysis

Because the customer is a professional product designer, the product carefully designed by the customer does not require us to make any changes and needs to be produced in full accordance with the design drawings. The material chosen by the customer is AL6061. Our professional prototyping technology can meet customer needs very well.

customized machining of front and rear wheels of motorcycles1

The center of the position shown in the figure needs to install a high-precision rolling bearing (precision requirement: 0.005mm) to ensure the tightness of the fit. The dimensional accuracy of the center and the outermost edge is 0.008mm to ensure that the wheel rotates at high speed without swinging.

customized machining of front and rear wheels of motorcycles2

The shape and size of the tire in the picture have strict requirements. They must not be deformed during processing, and dimensional error control is the key. If there is deformation or error, it will directly affect the combination of tire and wheel.

customized machining of front and rear wheels of motorcycles3

Parts require electrostatic spraying to beautify the appearance of the product. At the same time, the white display position in the picture needs the natural color of aluminum alloy, and the focus of spraying is that the boundary between black and natural color is clear and beautiful. After analysis, we use our unique spraying technology to meet the high standards of customers.

Detection Method

It needs to pass a strict three-dimensional coordinate test. The processing size error marked on the drawing does not allow one unqualified. It must meet 100% of the customer's design requirements, and the number of sizes to be tested reaches 300.

About the Project

Through cost accounting and process analysis, we have worked out CNC turning + CNC milling coordination + high-precision positioning tooling and fixtures. After a variety of supplier evaluations, the customer finally chose to cooperate with us.

CNC Turning

The first step is to use CNC turning to ensure the overall size of the center and outer circle.

customized machining of front and rear wheels of motorcycles4

CNC Milling

Large-scale CNC milling processing technology + high-precision positioning tooling fixture to ensure that the product will not be deformed due to clamping. It is important to pay attention to the center position, which will affect the final quality of the entire product.

customized machining of front and rear wheels of motorcycles5

Processing details are also a key factor to maximize customer satisfaction, and we have very strict requirements on the font processing of the product.

customized machining of front and rear wheels of motorcycles6

Quality Inspection

Strict quality inspection is an integral part of our work. This is also an important process to determine the quality of our products. We will carefully check each special important size parameter to ensure the quality of our customers and allow customers to obtain the highest satisfaction with our services.

customized machining of front and rear wheels of motorcycles7


Only with professional technology and strict control of precision can we produce final products that satisfy customers. We are proud of every part we produce. You will be proud of having these customized parts. If you have a project, please contact us in time to customize a solution to meet your needs.

customized machining of front and rear wheels of motorcycles8


1. I want to make a set of prototypes, how do we need to cooperate?
Answer: You only need to tell our engineering team about your design drawings and related requirements, and we will make a specific plan for you.
2. What materials can be used to make prototypes?
Answer: There are many materials that can be made, such as plastics, hardware, carbon fiber, and soft rubber. For specific material applications, you can directly contact us for more information about the materials.
3. Are the prototype and small batch production the same way?
Answer: The production process is basically the same, but the cost is different. The application of the machine in the processing will be different. For specific applications, you can directly contact us for more relevant information.
4. How do you guarantee the quality and delivery of my products?
Answer: In the early stage of cooperation, we will have a technical team to understand your specific ideas, and then formulate specific production technical documents and estimate the delivery time. Customers can understand every step of production at any time. At the same time, we have quality control personnel to check the quality, and timely feedback the inspection results to ensure that the quality is always checked. The production plan is in charge of a dedicated person.