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Production Case of Intelligent Air Conditioning Equipment for Air Conditioning


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  • Materials Used:  Engineering ABS white, POM, aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel
  • Number of Cooperation:  60 sets of 1500 parts
  • Production Process Used:  CNC machining, wire cutting, post-processing

Project Details

Cooperation Premise

This is a technology company from Switzerland. The company needs to develop a smart home series to control the air volume of the central air conditioning outlet to suit the temperature requirements of each area. This product is first sampled in small batches in the early stage, so as to reach the market quickly, and then collect feedback from the market to prepare for mass production. Customers have very high requirements for the processing precision of the parts of the product and the strength of the parts, so as to ensure the smooth operation during the opening and closing process without noise. Because it is small-batch production, the customer's requirement is that the cost must be controlled to the lowest range and delivery must be completed quickly.

About the Project

Through cost accounting and process analysis, we have worked out the coordination of CNC machining + wire cutting + and post-processing of personnel. After a variety of supplier evaluations, the customer finally chooses to cooperate with us.

CNC Machining

The main components of the product are ABS and POM materials. The ABS material has good strength and is easy to be colored on the surface to make it look beautiful. However, during the processing, attention should be paid to prevent the cutting from overheating and affecting the surface processing effect.

intelligent air conditioning equipment-detail-01

During the processing, we use air and water cool down. In order to achieve the strength of the parts, the use of 5-axis CNC machining is the most ideal, so that the overall processing of the parts can be completed.

intelligent air conditioning equipment-detail-02

Wire Cutting Machining

The wall thickness of aluminum parts is too thin to be the only 0.35mm, and the shape and assembly are complicated. We use wire cutting to ensure the accuracy of the product, the product will not be deformed, and the processing time will be faster.

intelligent air conditioning equipment-detail-03

Quality Inspection

Our QC department uses a three-coordinate measuring instrument to measure the actual size of the processed parts to check the consistency of the entire batch of parts to ensure compliance.


We perform surface polishing and painting on qualified parts and anodize the surface of aluminum parts with natural colors so that the products can achieve a more perfect appearance.


The most fundamental reason why we can satisfy customers is the advantage of cost performance, professional understanding of customer ideas, and fast delivery. These three elements are the conditions for customer satisfaction. If you happen to have a project to solve, please contact us in time, you can get free professional analysis and cost control.


1. I want to make a set of prototypes, how do we need to cooperate?
Answer: You only need to tell our engineering team about your design drawings and related requirements, and we will make a specific plan for you.
2. What materials can be used to make prototypes?
Answer: There are many materials that can be made, such as plastics, hardware, carbon fiber, and soft rubber. For specific material applications, you can directly contact us for more information about the materials.
3. Are the prototype and small batch production the same way?
Answer: The production process is basically the same, but the cost is different. The application of the machine in the processing will be different. For specific applications, you can directly contact us for more relevant information.
4. How do you guarantee the quality and delivery of my products?
Answer: In the early stage of cooperation, we will have a technical team to understand your specific ideas, and then formulate specific production technical documents and estimate the delivery time. Customers can understand every step of production at any time. At the same time, we have quality control personnel to check the quality, and timely feedback the inspection results to ensure that the quality is always checked. The production plan is in charge of a dedicated person.