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Low Volume Production Become Manufacturing Favor

November 12, 2020

For the production trend globally, there are more and more small projects, personal designs occurs in the industrial market. Everyone can be designers, production now is not only for large company. Individual workshops with low volume production is very famous worldwide.

HY-Prototype has increased a production department for the Low Volume Production. We can produce various material such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium, ABS, PC, POM, PMMA etc. Our team are also professional in different processing. CNC machining, sheet metal processing, CNC milling, vacuum casting, 3D Printing can be also done. In the coming future, HY will help with our customer: Design - Manufacturing Programming - Prototyping - Processing - After process finishing - Low Volume Production. Each projects will have professional advises from technicians, precise quality control and express delivery. Improve services is always HY's priority.

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low volume production-3

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