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SLA SLS prototype detail

The engineer inputs the original 3D design drawing file into the SLA/SLS program. SLA/SLS will layer the parts. Establishing the supporting structure of the part is an important step. The rationality of the support structure design will directly affect the degree of deformation of the parts during the printing process and will affect the final quality of the product. In the product printing stage, the photosensitive resin or powdered material is cured or sintered in layers by ultraviolet or laser technology, and finally, the post-production processing process of the entire prototype sample is completed through the continuous stacking of layers, and the surface and support structure of the parts are cleaned. It is also necessary to cure the prototype sample to achieve a predetermined strength.

Stainless steel metal printing sample

3D printing-01

What is a 3D printing technology

  • 3D printing is a revolutionary technology. Today's industrial 3D printing is mainly divided into SLA and SLS.
  • SLA mainly produces plastic prototype samples, SLS can produce plastic and hardware parts (steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, etc.).
  • 3D printing is different from CNC processing. CNC processing is to remove unwanted materials by milling or turning processes, while 3D printing is just the opposite, which is a processing method that directly superimposes materials.
  • 3D printing from the original drawings to the provision of prototype samples, the entire production process is simple and efficient, so the production speed is fast.
  • 3D printing can be produced as a whole without requiring the complex geometry of prototype samples.
  • At present, the highest accuracy of 3D printing can reach 0.01mm, which can meet the needs of most prototype samples.

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