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We use advanced equipment to provide you with various CNC machining services, including milling, turning, EDM, wire cutting, surface finishing, and so on. Using our advanced 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining centers, our skilled machinists can use a variety of plastic and metal materials to manufacture turning and milling parts. We provide satisfactory and excellent one-stop service for your prototyping. Welcome to contact us for a quotation and discuss the best solution for the project together.

CNC process

  • Import the prototype design document into the 3D processing software, and the programmer can write the processing program at the lowest cost and fastest processing speed.
  • Order raw materials and set up processing tools. These will be clamped on the CNC machining platform.
  • CNC cuts and removes unnecessary materials according to a predetermined processing program.
  • The machinist finally completes the required prototype parts by changing different types of tools and adjusting the clamping of the processed parts until all parts that do not require materials are cut.
  • Take off the prototype, clean the burrs, and sandblast, polish, paint, etc.
  • Prototype assembly and size inspection.

Advantages of CNC machining

CNC machining is very suitable for the application of the prototype industry and the prototype production in your early product development. This is also the most mainstream production process. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC prototype processing:

  • High precision
  • You can choose a variety of materials to process various plastics, metals, woods, foams, etc.
  • Fast processing speed, can quickly realize the conversion from 3D image files to physical objects.
  • The prototype produced can have the same performance as the product produced by the mold.
  • Low production cost and simple fixing.
  • Quick response and short cycle.
  • Our company has 11 years of experience in CNC prototype processing, and has accumulated rich experience in various fields including automobiles, household appliances, medical care, intelligence, etc., and can produce prototypes quickly, efficiently, and at low cost.

If you have a case, you can contact us immediately to get a free solution consultation and quotation.

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