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Case Sharing

We cooperate with companies from all over the world to meet the needs of all companies to manufacture high-quality parts and products. See how these parts are made through the cooperation cases we showed. The case will involve a series of services, including 3D metal printing, die casting, vacuum casting, CNC, and sheet metal processing.

If you happen to have a project that needs to find a supplier to cooperate, and you want our team to conduct a case study on your project, please let us know!

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Production Case of Intelligent Air Conditioning Equipment for Air Conditioning

  • Materials Used:  Engineering ABS white, POM, aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel
  • Number of Cooperation:  60 sets of 1500 parts
  • Production Process Used:  CNC machining, wire cutting, post-processing
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Custom Processing Case of Motorcycle Front and Rear Wheels

  • Material Used: Aluminum alloy 6061 T6
  • Number of Cooperation:3 sets total 6
  • Production Process Used:CNC turning, CNC milling, electrostatic spraying
  • Production Cycle:33 days
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All our cases are from the customer's permission, to show everyone our manufacturing process. We still have a lot of better professional cases, but we didn't show them without the customer's consent. If you need to know more about technical knowledge or want to know more about our company’s quality control process, and our delivery guarantee system, please contact us, we will do you provide a full range of consulting services!

Our advantage

Professional technology, fast delivery

16 years of professional experience in rapid prototyping and product development; flexible and fast production, can meet different order quantity requirements and can make corresponding emergency planning according to customers' demand for delivery.

Stable product, advanced equipment/process

All production links are in accordance with ISO 9001 standardized operation, multi-level quality control; advanced production equipment is an effective guarantee for dimensional accuracy, and perfect post-processing technology makes the product more perfect.


One-stop production is one of the most effective ways to effectively reduce and control costs; a batch pass rate of more than 98% can better reduce production costs and save costs for customers.

Taking customer satisfaction as the purpose

We not only produce prototypes and parts, we pay more attention to the customer's ordering experience and the realization of ideas. Actively respond to customer needs and deliver samples within 24 hours of working days; from the order to the product delivery to your door, we will take care of every step of your order completion, and the delivery rate can reach 99%.

Increase your "value", Everything is for the future!